Massage provides many healing qualities - restorative, energizing, revitalizing, relaxing.  It relieves stress and mental fatigue by releasing blocked energy from tight muscle and connective tissue, aches and pains are
eased, stiff joints relaxed. Massage assists lymphatic flow and improves circulation, helps expel toxins accumulated in the tissues and allows the gentle rhythm of the breath to flow freely again. The hypnotic movement of each Simply b massage the client into very deep levels of relaxation.  The therapist “tunes in”
and reads the body like a map, treating each individual client according to their specific needs. 

AROMATHERAPY - sensory heaven

Botanical ingredients from the heart of the plant hold the secret to alleviating ailments as much today as in ancient times.  Applying warm 100% pure essential oils in long rhythmic strokes opens, balances and calms the body’s subtle energy centres. Nourishes the nervous and endocrine systems, thus creating harmony of mind and body, heart and soul. Together with slow pressure point massage this allows the client to reach a very deep level of relaxation.


Today we combine influences from around the world to harmonise the body, leading it into a state of peace and serenity.  We have created our interpretation of the Balinese Massage unitizing Thai herbal compresses and beautiful essential oils to enhance the effects of the treatment and benefit body, mind and soul.  The warmth from the compress soothes and relaxes tension and stress.  The treatment focuses on the traditional Eastern Asian rituals of grounding, purifying and releasing blockages from energy pathways. 
Long, firm, stretching movements synchronising hand and the warm deliciously fragrant compress provides a fusion of precious oils, herbs and spices which include Kaffir lime, turmeric, camphor, lemongrass. The effects are invigorating yet deeply soothing and the ultimate holistic treatment.


Retreat for an hour and a half of bliss in a warm candlelit room. Tension melts away, stiff joints and  aching muscles are eased. Your skin feels as soft as velvet following this fragrant “candle massage” with its beeswax - like quality - Vanilla - Chocolate Caress - Orange Subtlety - Teatime

Full body indulgence - combining the warmth of the Lava Shells with deeply relaxing massage techneques creates a true sense of emotional and physical equlibrium

For optimum renewal the back is exfoliated then massaged with purifying oils.  Blackheads extracted if required followed by a special mask to draw out remaining toxins leaving the skin glowing with health

One of our most popular signature tratments favoured by our client's

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Caring for the Body
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